Sunday, June 14, 2009

Syntax Highlighter - Where to upload .js javascript files used for blogs

I had read about the syntax highlighter scripts a few months back but never really found the time to add it to my blog.

Today I decided to do it. Soon I ended up with the same problem quite a lot of others had already faced. Hosting .js files. Most of the code examples on the internet showed people uploading the .js files in Google pages. But Google pages is discontinued and it is now Google Sites, and Google sites does not permit uploading .js files.

Though the required files are available in Google code for you to refer, still I had modified a few things in the script which I wanted to host somewhere. Another option was to insert all that script inside my template, which I did not like.

Some blogs suggested some alternative free hosting sites, but I found my way out.

Here is what I did. I renamed all the script files with a .jsc extension and uploaded them in Google sites - it gave me no problem. I then referred these files in my template and it works like a charm. I just did a quick test on my default browser - Chrome. Also tested in IE 6 and Firefox.


Manjunath Singe said...

Hey! That works like a magic! Google is not yet foolproof. :)

Thanks a ton!

Unknown said...

Thank You :)

Nitin Karthy said...

Works for me too... Thanks a lot!