Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going with the tide...Flex and Java

For the past few months, I have been coding lesser and lesser in .Net. That was because I was doing some groundwork for the next project, which we had planned to build in Flex consuming either Java or .Net Web Services. Compared to my exposure in Java, I can say I know .Net like the back of my hand. But then, that is what willful programming was all about - exploring new horizons. Added with that was my personal interest in wanting to learn and work in Flex. Besides, I should also learn to go with the tide, shouldn’t I?

I have a moderate level of experience working in Flash, but that was 4 years ago when my friend and I would stay awake all night building flash web templates. She was exceptionally creative at designing and I focused more on the ActionScript.

Also having worked in WPF, I was basing myself a lot on these experiences and began building some sample applications as I learnt. So going forward, one can expect a lot of Flex and Java related posts more often.

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