Sunday, June 14, 2009

Syntax Highlighter - Where to upload .js javascript files used for blogs

I had read about the syntax highlighter scripts a few months back but never really found the time to add it to my blog.

Today I decided to do it. Soon I ended up with the same problem quite a lot of others had already faced. Hosting .js files. Most of the code examples on the internet showed people uploading the .js files in Google pages. But Google pages is discontinued and it is now Google Sites, and Google sites does not permit uploading .js files.

Though the required files are available in Google code for you to refer, still I had modified a few things in the script which I wanted to host somewhere. Another option was to insert all that script inside my template, which I did not like.

Some blogs suggested some alternative free hosting sites, but I found my way out.

Here is what I did. I renamed all the script files with a .jsc extension and uploaded them in Google sites - it gave me no problem. I then referred these files in my template and it works like a charm. I just did a quick test on my default browser - Chrome. Also tested in IE 6 and Firefox.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going with the tide...Flex and Java

For the past few months, I have been coding lesser and lesser in .Net. That was because I was doing some groundwork for the next project, which we had planned to build in Flex consuming either Java or .Net Web Services. Compared to my exposure in Java, I can say I know .Net like the back of my hand. But then, that is what willful programming was all about - exploring new horizons. Added with that was my personal interest in wanting to learn and work in Flex. Besides, I should also learn to go with the tide, shouldn’t I?

I have a moderate level of experience working in Flash, but that was 4 years ago when my friend and I would stay awake all night building flash web templates. She was exceptionally creative at designing and I focused more on the ActionScript.

Also having worked in WPF, I was basing myself a lot on these experiences and began building some sample applications as I learnt. So going forward, one can expect a lot of Flex and Java related posts more often.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Debug handle is invalid - Visual Studio 2005

I have had so many people at work coming to me with this issue. So, think it is worth making note of it here.

Problem: Visual Studio 2005 - when you try to run any application pops up this window with a message - "debug handle is invalid".

The fix is to get your "Terminal Services" running.

Start -> Type Run -> type services.msc and hit enter ->
Look for the the Terminal Service -> Right click that and Start.

Probably you could make it Automatic to start every time you boot up.

VS 2005 hooks up with this service to run its debugger session.