Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Search for files containing Text - Windows XP

Have you ever tried to search for files containing certain text? The search criteria where you can enter some text into the textbox labelled - "A word or phrase in the file:"

I had found it very useful before but then I was searching text files maybe. 

When I search the folders where I have my code (.vb, .aspx files etc.), there will be no results. Even when you search for words which you are very sure is present in almost all files. 
(I had an alternative though, I use my Visual Studio find and would specify a folder path to search for, but then in Production and some restricted environments, this functionality would be lost - No Visual Studio to help you see.)

By default the Windows XP search does not consider many file extensions. One common reply you would see on googling this is to add some registry entry for each of these file extensions you have a problem with. But before you try that, check this out:

This method was a lot quicker and easier:

Start-Run-> Type mmc %windir%\system32\ciadv.msc
This is the indexing service console - Select Action-Properties. In the Generation Tab, Inheritable Settings Group - Check the Index files with unknown extensions.(if not already checked.)

Now give it another shot - No restart required.

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